Magical Perversions No.1

magical-perversions-1-01My very first bundle of Magical Perversions! I’m a big girl now!

It’s a collection of the first three stories I ever wrote:

VooDoo Doll
Ginger’s Ride
Carnal Creatures

I’ve changed the cover style here – my previous covers were all ‘steamy/sensual/semi-tacky’, when really, it should be more straight-up ‘filthy/trash/smut’.

Hope you like it!



The Adventures of Matthew Turner: Preview

The Adventures of Matthew Turner: Preview

I’m so excited to be nearly finished with my next book, The Adventures of Matthew Turner: A Definitely Not Gay Wizard. Really, he’s definitely not gay. It’s very tawdry writings with the appearance of some lusty-busty deadlifting chicks-with-dicks. At some point, I use the phrase ‘gender is performative’ to get the action going. This is definitely what Judith Butler would want, right?


Matthew Turner, wizard, is definitely not gay. He’s the handsome athletic Captain of Salem Academy’s broom-racing team, and he likes boobs and stuff. (C’mon, have you seen his lats, bro?) He simply has a predisposition for strong, confident women. If they happen to possess, er, male bits – that’s not really his problem, is it? Dude, like, everyone knows gender is pre-formative anyways.

Judith Butler would be so proud.


Meet Matthew Turner.

Captain of the broom-racing team at Salem’s Academy for Witches & Wizards, Matthew Turner possesses the kind of ease, presence and bone-deep confidence of handsome, athletic young men everywhere who live their lives in comforting bubbles of perpetual popularity. Watch him swagger cockily through the Academy’s hallways with his wind-swept brunet hair, cheeky brown eyes; his sparkling toothy-white grin. No, literally, it sparkled. Matthew Turner knew this because just this morning, he had spent 15 minutes rubbing W.W. (WickedWizard) EverBrite™ Sparkle Salve carefully into every single tooth. Then, he spent another 15 minutes dutifully massaging W.W. MagiComplexion™ Ointment into every single crevice of his face.

“Matt, don’t you think you’re being a little gay,” his best-friend and roommate Johnny Graves had commented, irritated and impatient at having to wait every damn morning for Matthew’s daily beauty routine before leaving the apartment.

“Whatever man, the chicks love it,” Matthew replied, flashing Johnny a bright, shiny smile through the mirror. “Perfect skin doesn’t fall out of crystal balls, bro.” Anyway, Matthew Turner knew he was definitely not gay. He liked boobs and stuff.

Behind him, Johnny winced as the lights reflected off his friend’s teeth, painfully searing into his eyeballs.


Keep an eye out for it, dear readers!

Carnal Creatures

Carnal Creatures

Professor Thomas Dalton’s animalistic werewolf instincts are captivated by his student after a seduction spell gone wrong. Natalia Romanski, part-Fae, can’t control her hidden urges. Will the good Professor be able to resist the intoxicating scent of fresh, warm milk? Follow the pair as they unleash their base carnal nature behind closed classroom doors…

Carnal Creatures is now out here! Read more about it in my book preview.

It starts off slow and teasing, and ends violent and rough. (SPOILER ALERT: HE PUTS THE P IN THE V).


Preview: Carnal Creatures

Preview: Carnal Creatures

Natalia Romanski, part-Fae, is Professor Dalton’s favourite student in his Advanced Alchemy unit. When a seduction spell goes wrong, will the good Professor be able to resist the allure of the little fairy on his werewolf sensibilities?

My latest short story, Carnal Creatures, should be releasing on Amazon over the next few days! It’s my longest yet at ~6,500 words, with division into chapters. I definitely gave more background on the characters, fully fleshing out the foreplay.

It starts something like this:

The real turning point, however, was during her first year at Salem’s Academy for Witches and Wizards. Learning about the Homo Androgynes tribes scattered through the world in Introduction to Creatures, Natalia marvelled at their exotic hermaphrodite allure. Elegant and statuesque, with large eyes and full lips set against sharp angular cheekbones. Lush, heavy breasts mixed in with lithe oiled muscles. And those mouth-watering, almost monstrous cocks…

The boys around her scoffed their disdain, making crude dumb jokes to hide their growing unease. And that was when it had hit her. Both laughing and crying little inside, Natalia smiled sweetly as she realized then just how much of Magical history and convention had been written by the absolute fragility of the male ego. By wizards and their anxious preoccupation with the length of their wooden staffs.

All that to say, Natalia really didn’t give a shit.

And ends something like this:

Completely degraded, Natalia let out a keening cry as a spurt of milk gushed out onto the Professor’s desk, her sensitive teats scratching against the rough wood grain. She was so mortified, so humiliated, at the growing arousal she felt in this sinful mix of pain and pleasure, shame and excitement. As the good Professor continued spanking her stinging bum, Natalia writhed and wept, her nipples throbbing in exhilaration as streams of liquid dribbled out of them. Every blow on her cheeks, the back of the thighs, she could feel the vibrations travel to the edge of weeping cunt; so close so close, to her hot needy core…

Why? Because I am both FEMINIST and FILTHY PERVERT! (clap, clap, clap)

Oh, and there is definitely some lactation kink + rough sex going on in here.


VooDoo Doll

VooDoo Doll

A powerful artefact procured from the Caribbean has Mei-Ling unknowingly willed into a growing storm of lust. Johnny Graves is the Governor’s son, and he will get what he wants…

…She stared resolutely at the Professor’s white robes, desperate to remain unaffected by the casual contact. The truth was, his hand felt like a branding iron, the searing pressure lighting up sparks of desire in her soul. For some reason, Johnny had been hanging around her more and more this term, and every time he looked at her with warm blue eyes and smiling dimples, she’d feel a spear of sharp desire spike through her, from her crotch to the back of her throat…

My latest short story, Voodoo Doll, is up on Amazon! You can get it here.

In Ginger’s Ride, I dove head first into filthy pornographic territory. Here, however, I spend more time building  up the tension… to end in filthy pornographic territory.

Also, I want to mention all my planned books for the current Witches & Wizards series are definitely set in the same universe – so you’ll for sure be seeing sequels and such with recurring characters, tensions, and themes.