A powerful artefact procured from the Caribbean has Mei-Ling unknowingly willed into a growing storm of lust. Johnny Graves is the Governor’s son, and he will get what he wants…

…She stared resolutely at the Professor’s white robes, desperate to remain unaffected by the casual contact. The truth was, his hand felt like a branding iron, the searing pressure lighting up sparks of desire in her soul. For some reason, Johnny had been hanging around her more and more this term, and every time he looked at her with warm blue eyes and smiling dimples, she’d feel a spear of sharp desire spike through her, from her crotch to the back of her throat…

My latest short story, Voodoo Doll, is up on Amazon! You can get it here.

In Ginger’s Ride, I dove head first into filthy pornographic territory. Here, however, I spend more time building  up the tension… to end in filthy pornographic territory.

Also, I want to mention all my planned books for the current Witches & Wizards series are definitely set in the same universe – so you’ll for sure be seeing sequels and such with recurring characters, tensions, and themes.



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