Ginger at Night

 In the dead of the night, Chief of Magical Police Robert ‘Robbie’ McMillan can’t resist the temptation to peer through the crack of his step-daughter Ginger’s bedroom door… What will he do, when he sees what lies inside?

Huzzah! Finally, my new erotic short is out! You can get in here.


It’s the sequel to Ginger’s Ride, and features one very naughty witch named Ginger and her sweet bewildered step-father, upright Chief of Police Robbie McMillan…


Ever since she had come back from the Academy for winter vacation, the dirty little bitch pranced around the house in such ridiculous outfits, innocently flashing him such delicious glimpses of pretty pink nipples he wanted to bite… She’d sit on the kitchen table with her filthy wet pussy just hanging out in the open air, waiting for him to plunge his fingers into… God, the little whore was such a fucking cock-tease… He’d been reduced to lecherously wrapping his iron-hard prick in soiled musky panties, stolen scraps of satin and lace he’d rub against his face to inhale and tongue, savouring the feel of it against his flushed face, before furiously jerking off in the secrecy of his bathroom…

I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

On a side note, I’m working out a schedule these days to push out something new every Monday, set up giveaways every Wednesday, and a little update/promo every Friday.

So stay tuned for all this exciting business!


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