Preview: VooDoo Double

It had been difficult, of course, finding the opportunity to secretly rifle through his father’s copy of the Erotica Arcana – but it had been absolutely worth it. With an elaborately charmed cock-ring snug over his straining prick and heavy balls, he could feel every fucking clench and pulse of Mei’s hot little pussy, feel her filthy juices sliding down his cock as it bulged within his tight wool trousers. Not wearing briefs, the added sensation of shifting fabric across his taut straining groin was slowly driving him mad, every step he took enticingly stroking against his sensitive head. Even more delicious was the look on Mei’s face as she rhythmically squeezed and shifted her thighs, trying to pleasure herself with as little movement as possible on the matching cock stuffed deep into her pussy. Whenever Johnny gave a little pump of his hips, a little roll of his bum, Mei would gasp, clutching at him helplessly as she her eyes glazed over, hard pebbled nipples unconsciously grinding into his arm…


Follow Johnny and Mei as they double their trouble with double the toys. Will Johnny finally get what he wants?

Sequel to VooDoo Doll.

Available next week!




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