VooDoo Double

My new short story, VooDoo Double, is not out! You can find it here. It’s the sequel to VooDoo Doll, featuring the obsessive Johnny Graves and his unwavering desire for Mei-Ling Li.

Here, there’s double the use of perverted magical toys, double the public fuckery, and of course, double the men with Johnny’s father, Governor Graves, introduced in the final chapter ;).




Invited to the lavish Spring Ball by the Governor’s son, Johnny Graves, Mei-Ling Li has no choice but to attend. With the titillating spell of magical toys pulsing deep inside her body, will she be able to hold against the icy blue stare of the ominously powerful Governor Graves?
Mei soon learns exactly how alike both father and son are…



In retrospect, Mei should have known that Johnny had invited her to the Spring Ball with ulterior motives. Lately, his sexual appetite had grown more wild, more dangerous, edging her closer and closer to utter filth and depravity as her she found herself more frequently riding the high of debauched submission and pleasure with his cruel words, and punishing hands. Now, she could feel the magical cock once again thicken against the walls of her hyper-sensitive pussy, feel her juices trickle all the way down to her ankles as she struggled to maintain a semblance of composure in front of Johnny’s father.

“Mei-Ling Li, what a pleasure to have you here,” Governor Graves drawled, icy blue eyes drilling into her own before slowly trailing across the rosy flush of her cheeks, the swollen pout of her mouth, landing on the pointed tips of her nipples poking through the thin gauzy fabric of her dress. The hidden resonances of the powerful man’s voice made her breath hitch and eyes widen in fear and arousal.

“Please s-sir, it’s an honour,” she replied, tits burning under the man’s open gaze as Johnny’s cock slowly shifted inside her leaking cunt…


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